raw (us) gaming server rules


1. ALWAYS respect other players and the server admins!.

 2. Admin/Mod decisions are final.   

3. If you have proof of someone glitching/hacking/being abusive, report it to an admin! 

4. No Arguing with Staff.

5. Players are limited to two(2) drones in the sky at one time. 

6. Players are limited to one (1) base management system. One (1) base per player.

 7. You are not allowed to kill Players at base when they are Base Building (Gentlemen’s agreement-Sportsmanship-Player Respect.)    

8. THIS IS A BANNABLE OFFENCE (1st offence you will receive a WARNING – 2nd offence carries a 1-WEEK BAN- 3rd offence carry a 30-DAY BAN). 

9. You are allowed to kill players who may be in transit between their base and getting base parts – this is a calculated risk the players must make, making sure their route to the store and back is safe. 

10. Players in transit with base parts: You carry the risk of being attacked, so please don’t complain to admins or other players if you take this calculated risk, thanks. 

11. Players on or around their base and not base building may be attacked as this is deemed fair play within the rules of the game. 

12. Base that are legally breached; Attacking players can steal and blow up collected items within base, BUT do not destroy any base management systems or destroy the base itself. THIS IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE


 1. No intentional teamkilling if you are on Blufor or Opfor!

 2. No Intentional Team killing, or Trolling teammates. This includes Towing, blocking runways with vehicles.

 3. No Racism or Bias comments. (This is a bannable offense.)

 4. No team-switching to gain an advantage on other players!

 5. Admins/Mods may unlock you depending on the situation! 

 6. Admins/Mods may refund money depending on the situation! 

 7. Logging out before depositing money as any HVT (high value target) CAN Result In Loss ALL money earned. Temp ban if Necessary


 1. Hacking, Glitching or Cheating will get you banned (PERM – NO EXCEPTIONS) 

 2. Exploiting map bugs/glitches (temp or PERM) 

 3. Intentional Teamkilling (temp or PERM) 

 4. Trolling our servers (temp)

 5. Disrupting the server / Being an Asshat (temp)

 6. If caught repeating the offence after being temp banned, you will receive a 30-day ban.

 7. Spawn Island is a restricted location. You may not land on this island; you may not shoot at anyone on this island.

 8. If you are found shooting players here, you will be banned without question. 

 9. Team switching, or switching from Blufor / Opfor to Indie, with the goal of figuring out players locations, buying vehicles, etc. Will result in a ban. DO NOT team switch at a hacker’s mission it will be a bannable offence and result in loss of money. 

10. Impersonating Staff will result in a 30-day ban, even if it was only a joke. 

 11. DO NOT attempt to multi-hack at a hacker’s mission or it will result in a ban. Hacked money must be shared with those involved in the mission. 

 12. DO NOT put vehicles inside or on stores and DO NOT block doorways with vehicles. Attempting to deal with team killers, glitchers, thieving teammates, hackers, trolls, etc. yourself instead of contacting staff may result in a ban for you as well as the player in question. We DO NOT advocate team killing in order to deal with the aforementioned types of players! If you are caught teamkilling a player that is trolling, you will be banned as well as them.

  13. Please remember, staff members are NOT required to give a set number of warnings before a ban is issued. They do, however, have to warn you at least once. Should you ignore their requests or simply fail to hear them, an appropriate action will be taken at the staff member’s discretion. 

 14. These rules are only here so that the server runs smoothly so that everyone can have fun. 

 15. If we see a Rule violation, we will make attempts to contact you either in game or on Discord. If we are not able to reach you, we will handle the violation accordingly without your knowledge. 

 16. If your base is actively affecting the overall game-play on the server (example: your base completely blocks the only safe passage to an area or your base has caused a major resource to despawn), Admin reserves the right to remove your base immediately without contacting you.


 You are not permitted to build a base within 1400 meters of a store. 


 if we see your bases occupying an unreasonable amount of land or if your base is completely spread out on the map, it will be at Admin’s discretion to have you reduce the size of your base. 


 1. DO NOT build on any premade structures on the map like temples or ruins. 

 2. There are premade bases on the map. If you find one without a key, you can claim it by purchasing 2 keys from the General Store, locking it and utilizing a base locker to lock down the base. 

 3. If you have any buildings near premade structures, we reserve the right to have you remove them if your buildings block structures or in game interactions for players (i.e. loot chests, emotes or lore). 

 4. Off-line raiding is NOT PERMITTED. If a player is NOT LOGGED in, do not attempt to raid or destroy the base.

 5. Base raiding – in the event you are able to raid a player’s base, DO NOT UNLOCK base parts. You are permitted to take items that are unlocked or steal or destroy vehicles. 

 6. Using objects bought from a General Store (exp. building supplies) to block a mission or prevent players from fairly making a play for the mission is not permitted. 


 Blocking any passages to any part of the map is not allowed. Even if players can climb, jump or walk over your structure, you will be required to remove it. Public walkways, tunnels or bridges may be considered but it will require Admin approval. We reserve the right to have you alter or completely remove your structure after it is built if it does not adhere to rules or if Admin sees potential issues. 


 1. Any vehicles left at around or at vehicle stores will be deleted.

 2. There are garages to park your vehicles, use them..